Admission criteria for Nursery: Child should be born before 30th June, 2015 (1st July 2014 to 30th June 2015)

Welcome to Tejasvi Vidyaranya- Best CBSE School in Ghatkesar

Welcome to our early world of learning. The pre-school years are a crucial time for you and your child. By encouraging the development of essential skills at an early age you can help to improve your child’s learning ability throughout school life. A great deal of research and care has gone into the development of this valuable resource for both parents and nursery teachers.
Professionals join hands with Academia to meet the requirements of working parents at Tejasvi Vidyaranya.
Promoters are:
  • Academicians with > 30 years of experience in Child care and Education having multiple schools in the city.
  • IT Professionals, Scientists & Industrialists
  • The common thread being: CHILD – THE ONLY FOCUS

Our Classes

Classes VIth through Xth
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Academic Priorities changes from class to class. Click on the link to read our focus.
  • Age: 12-16 Years
  • Class Size: 25
Classes I to Vth
8:00 am - 2:00 pm
Academic Priorities changes from class to class. Click on the link to read our focus.
  • Age: 7-11 Years
  • Class Size: 25
Tejasvi Juniors
9:00 AM to 2:30 PM
Academic Priorities changes from class to class. Click on the link to read our focus.
  • Age: Above 2 Years
  • Class Size: 30


Tejasvi Juniors

Kindergarten, Pre & Post School, Infant Care

Habsiguda (2001)
Pocharam (2015) Sanskruti Township adjacent to Infosys Campus
Korremula village, near Jodimetla cross roads (2008)

Tejasvi Vidyaranya

(CBSE Reg. No: 130213)

Classes I to VII at Habsiguda (1996)
Classes I to X at Jodimetla Campus (2008)
Day care from 8:00 Am to 8:00 pm in all its campuses for working parents

Correspondent’s Message

I believe that everything that happens in the school will have an impact on children’s learning. The physical environment, our values, attitudes, ideas about how children learn, nurturing relationships and resources provided will profoundly impress the life chances of our children. I want Tejasvi Vidyaranya to be a community in which students and the school staff respect and trust each other, and most of all challenge themselves all the time with new frontiers.

We place learning at the centre of our school and understand that we learn best when we are motivated and challenged. We therefore will provide a stimulating, exciting environment where everyone feels valued and safe, ideas can flourish and students can realise their full potential. We believe that learning should come naturally.

Students at Tejasvi will be challenged, motivated, given time to think and reflect on their learning through our values, underpinning everything we do; creativity, spirituality, independence, collaboration and emotional intelligence.

We learn through experience and hence believe in the old adage “the more I do, the more I learn”. We want our students’ time in our school to be memorable, build on what they know and can do, and help them become lifelong learners. At Tejasvi we specialize in laying foundation for Life.


(Secretary & Correspondent)

Our challenging academic program

gives our students a competitive edge. We are affiliated to the CBSE program, but  also pick up the best from other programs as well. Our students learn to reason and communicate clearly. The emphasis is on creating the desire to know & learn which stands them in good stead whichever field they choose.

Our curriculum is traditional and rigorous, but is made interesting. Organized around a core of disciplines (Humanities (English & History), Mathematics, , Science, and Fine Arts), the academic program prepares students for life in at least three ways:

  • establishing a foundation of understanding in the key areas which reinforce learning;
  • providing essential intellectual and communication skills like critical reading, persuasive writing and speaking, imaginative problem-solving, and deductive reasoning;
  • imparting work and study habits like organization, planning, and time management.

Our integrated Humanities

This curriculum strives to incorporate history with literature of the period.  Students are exposed to music and art from that period to ensure immersion in the time they are studying. Students are introduced to history in class V, with the study of ancient civilization. Each year, the curriculum continues through the development of civilization.

Students receive a no-nonsense, liberal arts education. We encourage them to try new things – aggressively introducing technology to the classroom; conducting some science experiments outside in the working lab of our 2-acre campus; or creating an integrated curriculum for students to help them learn how subjects fit together.

The Science Department

Emphasizes hands-on lab work over rote memorization. Students use computers extensively to conduct research, carry out experiments, evaluate data, and communicate results. Whether students are studying biology, chemistry, or physics, the focus is on cultivating problem-solving skills. In accordance with the school’s goal of developing competence in critical writing and thinking, all science courses require regular formal lab reports. Students across the classes work on topics allotted to them and present to the parents in symposia and project presentations. Our children won many accolades in Science competitions like National Children’s Science Congress, Indian Science Congress, CBSE Science Exhibition etc.

Mathematics as the Saying Goes has to be loved before it is mastered. Our faculty does just that – inculcate love for math. The Math Department emphasizes both applied and conceptual mathematics, both understanding and memorization. Students are encouraged to concentrate on the ideas they are studying. The Math Department teaches students that if they know how to ask the right questions, they can find the right answers. Classes in algebra, geometry and calculus all emphasize an understanding of concepts prior to the memorization of formulas. Small classes allow teachers to track students so they are encouraged to take on the challenge of advanced math.

Our Achievements

Few of our achievements last year are as follows:

  • Ms. Siri Varma has cleared second level of NTSE examination there by is eligible for scholarship throughout her education with Science as one of the subjects.
  • A project led by a team of few students was selected for Wipro Earthian Award for which the school is awarded Rs. 1 lac to execute the project among 1500 projects from all over India.
  • Vedith Prahlad of Class VII and his team were selected for NCSC in State level and next month they are representing the State in Nationals. We wish Vedith who is representing the team, all the best.
  • Vishnu Sisir Duggirala is selected for National Level INSPIRE competition held by department of Science and Technology, GOI.
  • N. Mounish, Sruthi and Amiksha have won the interschool quiz competition held by CCMB in Lacones.
  • Chart presentation of Shantanu Varma has secured for the first prize in Poster Presentation Contest on New Technologies and Innovations conducted by Jadhavpur University in IICT Campus.
  • Vedith Prahlad, Rithika, Kshitij,and Anish have won prizes in Painting competitions.
  • Jaswanth of Class V has won gold medals in Karate competition.
  • Our school teams have emerged Winners in the Inter school cricket tournament and  Runners up in Throw ball.