Classes VIth through Xth

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In classes VIth through VIIth, the focus is on

  • Gaining Self Confidence, Competitive Spirit, Self drive Self dependence and responsibility
  • Increased attention span
  • Social skills, discipline, values
  • Clarity in Concepts with activity based approach
  • Focus on practical application of knowledge
  • Inculcate the aptitude and habit of reading, making notes and enjoying the same.
  • Provide reinforcement classes for weak areas & foundation classes for gaining expertise in the subject

In Classes VIIIth & IXth, the focus in on

  • Ability to go into depth to understand the underlying concepts across Syllabus in an integrated manner.
  • Learning the subject with activity based approach.
  • Being Competitive through foundation & reinforcement classes.

In Class X, the focus is on being successful in Examinations with Self drive, Perseverance and Self discipline.

  • Years Old 12-16 Years
  • Class Size 25
  • Class Duration 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Transportation Available
  • Class Staff 2 Teachers, 3 Caretakers